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    Chris Colfer’s wardrobe [insp x x]

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    Fanart: Chris Colfer as The Amazing Spider-Man. 


    I can´t even list the ways in which this is totally working for me. I need a minute.

    i didn’t know i was looking for this all my life until i found it

    Awesome. Now we just need to convince Chris to wear the skintight body suit.

    Somehow I don’t think that will be much of a problem!


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    there is a moment

    suddenly the world seems such a perfect place

    when you say to yourself

    suddenly it moves with such a  perfect grace

    oh, there you are

    suddenly my life doesn’t seem such a waste

    i’ve been looking for you forever

    it all revolves around you

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    blaine anderson + emojis (insp.)

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    Kurt Hummel + emojis (insp)

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    we’ve been together a long time.

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